Credit Home Buyer

1. Research; reliable; responsive; responsible: Do your personal research, and know, what’s needed, and necessary, to make the process, as easy, as possible! Don’t fool yourself, but, rather, proceed, in a reliable, prepared manner! When information, paperwork, etc, are needed, by a lending institution, you must be responsive, to requests, etc. You must be a truly responsible, adult, if you hope, this process, goes smoothly!

2. Examine; excellent; enhance: The main advantage of getting a pre – approval, is there will be few last – minute surprises! Carefully review and examine, all credit – related aspects, etc. Know if your credit is excellent, and, if not as good, as you might desire, do what’s necessary, to enhance and improve it, systematically, and effectively!

3. Agenda; attitude; attention; If you want to buy a home, you probably will need a mortgage, to assure the best results! This must become your focus and strong, strict, focused agenda! Proceed with a positive attitude, and a willingness to listen to the experts, and do so, responsively! Pay attention, and be responsible!

4. Do: If you want this to go well, don’t assume you’re the expert, but, rather, proceed, in a focused manner, and do, what you’re advised and told to! The ideal approach and focus to becoming credit – ready, is to proactively, help the professionals, help and serve your best interests!

5. You: If you really want to buy that home, you must realize, nearly everyone, especially first – time home buyers, must take advantage of using a mortgage. If you do what your told, and take personal responsibility, for promptly producing whatever documentation, is requested, and/ or acquiring what’s required (such as insurance, etc), you will make this process, far easier, and more effective!

Mortgage Qualifying

1. Overall Credit Rating, and Score: The higher one’s credit rating, and score, the better, the chance of securing the best possible form of financing. Wise home shoppers, begin the process, at least six months, before they start their hunt/ search, and secure a copy of this report, from the major bureaus. Do so yourself, or if, needed, use a professional’s help and guidance. Correct errors, fix them, and begin reducing your debt. In this period, avoid taking out, and/ or using any additional debt!

2. Total verifiable income: How much income (verified), can you show, and prove? Know how much mortgage, you qualify for, by discussing it, well, in advance, with a Mortgage Professional!

3. Debt, other than mortgage debt: Lending institutions, use a formula, which factors in your overall debt, and your mortgage loan, will be impacted, by this percentage. It is a wise idea, to begin paying – down, the balances on your credit cards, and other personal loans, etc.

4. Combined/ total debt: In addition to the formula for overall debt, there is another percentage, lenders use, to guide them, to the maximum amount of mortgage, they will offer. This is based on a percentage of your monthly income, related to the mortgage installment. An educated consumer, is best prepared!

5. Know how much you qualify for: After correcting issues, paying – down debts, etc, have a confidential discussion, with a mortgage professional. Begin your search, by knowing how much, you will qualify for, so you don’t waste a lot of time and energy, looking at houses, you can’t afford!

Sell Property Privately

Benefits of selling a home privately:

• You do not have to share your profits with anyone
Since you are selling the property without hiring an agent you do not have to a commission which is a percentage of the total sales amount.
• You are in control of the sales process.
When an agent sells your property, he has the control over the process. On the other hand, when you sell your property privately, you have control over the entire sales process.
• You have the flexibility to arrange viewings as per your convenience.
• You can negotiate a price you deem right.

How to sell your property privately?


Clear up your home to remove any articles of personal nature.


Inspect your home for any faults or defects and correct them.


It is decorating your home to attract buyers. You could consider professional home-staging services. Home-staging not only attracts buyers but also helps your property fetch a better price.

Price your property

Accurate pricing of your property is important for selling it quickly. For this, you could research the prices of similar properties on the internet. You can also consider taking the services of a professional evaluator.

List your property

List your home on a reliable, high-visibility property portal. This will ensure that it reaches a large number of potential buyers. You could also consider multiple listing to enhance your reach. It also helps to promote your listing on social media channels to increase its exposure.

Connect with potential buyers

Potential property buyers will connect with you directly after viewing the listing.

Arrange Viewings

Arrange visits for your potential buyers to view your property. You have the flexibility to arrange the viewings at mutually convenient timings.


You are the owner of the property and you can decide what price you want to sell it. You can negotiate the price directly with the buyer.

Close the deal

Close the deal with all the necessary documentation. You can consider hiring a legal expert to scrutinize the documents.

Get Cash Offer On Home

When you sell a home through a real estate agent, there are many steps along the way that can delay the process. Some of the most frustrating are having to wait on buyers to obtain financing, which can turn a potential deal into one filled with chaos, especially if the buyer is declined financing by their lender. However, investors are usually ready to pay cash for their purchase, and also have the ability to close the deal far quicker than traditional buyers.

When you choose to focus on having an investor purchase your home, you’ll usually have much greater flexibility when working out a deal. This can be particularly important if you still have a mortgage on your home, since this can sometimes be a sticking point in negotiating a deal with a buyer. However, since investors are more willing to take on an existing mortgage, it’s possible to sell your house fast much easier than you anticipated.

When you are eager to sell your home fast due to an illness, job relocation, divorce, or inheritance, you may not have the time or money needed to make one repair after another. While this may hinder you selling your home through a real estate agent, it often works in your favor if you’re willing to sell to investors. Since they are likely buying properties to turn into rentals or to fix and flip, they are used to purchasing properties in need of repairs.