Avoid Buying A Money-Pit

1. Qualified, experienced, recommended, home inspector, and/ or engineer: Since most of us, are not experts, nor qualified, to examine the condition of your prospective house, before purchasing, nearly every attorney strongly recommends, getting a home inspection, before agreeing to purchase any real estate. Ask around, to others, you know, personally, as well as your real estate professional, and find the best one, to assist you, and direct you, properly! The more you know, in advance, the better, off, you will be!

2. Major, versus minor renovations/ repairs: While, nearly every house, needs some work, you should identify, routine things, from big projects, and deal – breakers! However, when you know, in advance, as much details, as possible, you should use this information, in order to add, these costs, to your purchase price. Can you afford this total cost? Are you getting what you need, and the best, bang – for – the – buck?

3. Needed, versus cosmetic changes: Most home buyers make some changes, to best meet their personal tastes, etc. This includes minor renovations, painting, and addressing, perhaps, certain appliances, flooring, etc. These are regular, expected, cosmetic changes, and must be distinguished from expenses, which will arise, because of necessary issues, etc.