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Review Activity Potential Energy Diagrams Answers


Review Activity Potential Energy Diagrams Answers

Review Activity Potential Energy Diagrams Answers

Activity Potential Energy

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´╗┐Review Activity Potential Energy Diagrams AnswersWhat's PABC? Why Do We Must Pay Employees? What's PABC? When you think about PABX or PACB, think of abbreviation ofPay-for-achievement. They are really acronyms for pay-for-achievement plans. Under such plans, employees in a company with high sales are rewarded or compensated for their achievements with compensated time off or other types of reimbursement. This idea originated from the belief that worker's time is limited and they should be happy with whatever is being performed in one's work. There could be times when an employee will be unable to complete a certain job because of the absence of time to perform it. Hence, it had been thought that paying employees for their functions through times of shortages would make them feel valued and at peace. The programs have been started since firms were worried about the increasing cost of labour. They expected that by paying employees, they would have the ability to save money and boost the earnings. Not many people know the difference between these two plans. The first plan that has been introduced in the US was calledPerformance Awards (PABX). In this plan, incentives and rewards are given to workers to motivate them to work harder and longer hours and raise the productivity in the business. Incentives are given in terms of cash, bonuses or another form of compensation. The other kind of this pay-for-achievement plan is known asPay-for-Performance Plans. Here the only thing rewarded to employees is recognition is based on their own performance. This strategy doesn't give any kind of awards. The very first version of thepay-for-achievement plan was founded in England. They decided to improve the productivity of the people by paying them for their accomplishments. The history of the program isn't too apparent, but there are evidences which support its own effect. By way of instance, the history of the Industrial Revolution from 1830 to 1847, reveals a huge increase in the growth of the employees and a rise in the cost of these goods. Also, the increase in the workforce during the Second World War is just another proof of the role of this strategy. Every one of these cases prove that companies have profited from pay-for-achievement programs, especially those who were initiated during the Second World War. In other words, the strategy is working. Employees working for high-tech companies have their tasks simplified and the companies also have lower overheads. They help to boost the quality of work and the efficiency of the company. There's no doubt that there are situations which can be lowered or altered, but the degree of productivity in all companies has been enhanced to some extent with the help of the strategy. And all these advantages can be attributed to the strategy.

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